The Lonely Heron by L. Martel

This is a 12″ x 16″ oil on canvas called The Lonely Heron. I painted this in 2007. I much perfer the two on two but this one just hasn’t found the right mate yet. He’s still looking. This is the extent of the birds at the moment. On Friday I’ll release the Mating Lions as a tribute to Cecil.



23 thoughts on “The Lonely Heron by L. Martel

      • I live 5 minutes from the ocean and Stanley Park in Vancouver. This park is probably one of the largest in the world. Anyway there is a section, near the tennis courts, where dozens of trees have been used for years and years by the blue Heron and their nests. It’s an absolutely spectacular sight in the spring to go down there and see ‘lots’ of babies. We are so lucky to see this sight.

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      • Leslie, you would love it but every year, despite the fact that the herons have owned this spot forever every year I worry about them because of cruel and stupid people for some reason. They are not interfering with anyone. I have pictures and hopefully one day it wont be the only memories I have of this incredible sight.

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