Getting Nowhere Fast by swo8 Blues Jazz

Clearly this is a rant, but probably, you know from your own experience that traffic is a nightmare almost everywhere in the world. With all the technology we have today they should be able to do somethings about this. Can you believe it, some guy was trying to drive a tractor through the middle of the traffic. Some clips are taken from the internet and some are my own pictures.

25 thoughts on “Getting Nowhere Fast by swo8 Blues Jazz

  1. In Hong Kong, there’s usually no traffic jams even during rush hours. However, if there’s an accident occurs or if it suddenly rains heavily, then there would be heavy traffic as well.

    China though is a different story. Cities like Beijing and Shanghai always have traffic jams due to the poor transportation system and undisciplined/stupid drivers…

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  2. I’ve written about this a couple of times — trying to figure how many hours, days, weeks, months of my life has been spent sitting in traffic. We’ve gotten a spoiled living in the country where the worst traffic jams are three cars at an intersection waiting for a farm vehicle to move. We do, however, have the ubiquitous “slow driver” and because all our roads are single lane, you can’t get around them. They have superior “blocking” skills to prevent passing, skills honed through decades of practice.

    Everywhere, they seem to think the answer is to keep building more and more roads. The answer is not more roads. It’s fewer cars plus available, attractive, affordable public transportation. Which is not, as far as I can tell, ever going to happen.

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  3. I quit believing every thing one I found out about Santa Clause, since finding about about Obama I believe every thing, none of which he says or claims to do.

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    • You have to fix that! We have a similar problem here in Canada. (Can’t wait for the next election. It’s going to be a fun night.)


  4. It can’t really get much worse than the tyrannical bastards running the Progressive movement here. They must be driven under ground for the next 30-40 years.

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