Should I or shouldn’t I

Don Charisma said I should put a picture of myself out there. It builds trust. After writing “The Espionage Blues” I’m kind of freaked out about it. Other members of our group always wear sunglasses (sometimes hoodies too).

Masked or not to mask

Masked or not to mask

Should I or shouldn’t I put a picture out there?


27 thoughts on “Should I or shouldn’t I

  1. Happy greetings Leslie.
    I would suggest do what you find most joyful.
    I recall when everything had your name, telephone number, and address, obviously those days were before the “WEB”.
    Only a small segment of the population know how and will take the extraordinary effort to become “anonymous”.

    The term “anonymous” is often misused (so is the term “hacker”) and it has specific meaning on the internet with I.T..
    Most people really mean private as they are not formally introducing themselves by typing their name, phone number, address and personal information, yet all of that information is available each time you connect your computer to the internet, your computer announces to the I.T. world your registered name, phone number, address, and in some instances your credit card and other private information.
    Basically, almost all paying customers for internet services provides private personal information to the I.T. world.

    This is why doing what you find joyful is relevant, because it is a Herculean task to become “anonymous”.
    Not sharing a photo of self, and not sharing name of self is not being “anonymous”, it is merely being private.
    The I.T. world (as well as government agents) have a logbook of the computer’s address, phone number, and other account information with a time/date stamp each time it accesses the internet and at each packet of data sent to another computer on the internet, such as each chat and comment made, each website visited, each youtube video watched, and etc..
    Laptops, smartphones, and mobile devices are even worse as they announce to the I.T. world where were you traveling and revealing your habits and more personal data such as your doctor’s visit, your grocery store, your restaurant visits…

    My apologies for typing this much, as you may be aware of the above information, however future readers may find this information helpful.

    LOVE & Wholeness


    • Thank you Ron. I kind of thought that was the case so rather than being anonymous, private is the preferred state. That is why we came up with “The Espionage Blues”. Still it requires a lot of thought. I appreciate your input.


  2. Yup! If you’re Canadian, I have some pretty hard hitting songs (rants) out there – try “The Senator Blues” . When I get teed off I like to get it out there.


  3. I would do whatever you feel most comfortable doing. Remind yourself of why you made the choice you made in the first place (it was probably a good one), and unless something has changed drastically, then maybe you need to take a second look and see if you are considering this change for yourself because it’s something you want to do, or maybe because you are being pressured into it to satisfy someone else’s pleasures? Just something to think about.


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