14 thoughts on “Espionage Blues

  1. I don’t know why, but I feel a lot more paranoid after listening to this song.

    Oh wait, I suppose that’s the whole idea… : )

    Hi, Leslie. Very cool, kind of hypnotic, which seems to fit the song’s subject. I liked the flute line, and the way it meshed with the bass. If you have editing software, you might consider quick cuts to switch viewers (the people looking at the monitor). As it is, there are lags and temporary blackouts which slow things down and challenge the attention span of anyone watching the video. I’d also suggest varying the image on the monitor to add some variety.

    One other thought: I noticed the post is Uncategorized. If you added some tags like music, songs, video, blues, it would boost the chances of people finding your post. Hope this helps, and keep rockin’!!


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