Liebster Award

mskitk Nov 5, 9:25 am
Hello! I have nominated you for Liebster Award ūüôā

I thanked mskitk for the award and the link is above.

11 random facts

1. I’m Canadian 2. I hate winter 3. I’m a listener 4.I’m into music 5. I’m a classically trained musician 6. I play several instruments 7. Love poetry 8. Love to travel 9. Love roses 10. Love to garden 11. I’m interested in other languages

Answer to the questions:

1. Describe self in 3 words – busy very busy

2. Favourite book or show or recording  РMiles David in Deep Blue

3. I don’t blog every day because of number one (busy very busy)

4. Favourite beverage – pure cold water ( a little red wine)

5. Favourite quote – “He who does nothing never makes a mistake” ( I make a lot of mistakes because of number 1)

6. Do I have a spiritual teacher – yes

7. Have I had a paranormal experience – yes

8. I’m a dog person but prefer children

9. Who do I want to be? Me just me.

10. Dream profession – I would have liked to have become a medical researcher scientist.

11. What superpower would I like? I’d like to be able to able to fly. (sick of traffic)

Now comes the hard part to chose 11 other bloggers for the award

1. because of his lovely pictures of the world

2.  because of the lovely pictures of food and travel

3. because of the relentless courage this person has shown

4. because of the lovely pictures show of her travels

5. because of her poetry and pictures of one of my favourite places Paris

6. because of the lovely photos of their travels

7. for her lovely poetry in Italian

8. for her poetic soul ( and sense of humour)

9. for the lovely photos

10. for the fantastic photos



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