End of Month Report

Our first album “Sahara Rose” was released in November of 2013 and since then we have released a total of four albums. That would be 1. Sahara Rose ( November 6, 2013), 2. Monkey of Sousse ( January 04, 2014), 3.Osaka Time ( February 15, 2014) 4.Manaus Where Two Rivers Meet ( April 30, 2014). At the end of each month we get a report about sales and streaming of our music from our distributor. It is so interesting to see the interest in our music from all over the world. I just want to thank all our loyal supporters and promise that we will continue to bend your mind and thoughts with our music. Salut.

4 thoughts on “End of Month Report

  1. You must have creativity on 24/7 to have produced 4 albums in that short of time. I am not a musician, but can imagine it very similar to art in a way. I have to be inspired to paint and that does not happen that frequently , but then again I have other creative outlets too.


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